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Helping Your Children

Working Together

We value our relationship with parents. We aim to be as open and honest with you as we hope you will be with us. If we are to do the best we can for your child then we must work together in an atmosphere of trust, respect and understanding. We ask all parents to read and sign our Home/School Agreement, and - if they think their child is old enough to understand - to explain its contents and ask their child to sign as well. This document clearly sets out the expectations of school, parents and children, and gives a direction and guide to help our home/school relationship.

We will keep you fully informed of your child's progress throughout his/her time at our school and we will approach you if we have any anxieties. We encourage parents to telephone or call into school whenever they need to talk to a teacher. Parents must not feel that teachers are 'too busy': if we are not free to talk things over right away, we will ensure to make an appointment at the first mutually convenient time. Parent consultation evenings are held in the autumn term and spring term. Detailed school reports are sent home in the Summer term.

Over the last few years, the school has tried hard to improve communication and ensure staff, parents and children share the same message. Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Home/School Contact Book - each child is given a  Home/School contact Book. This provides a written record of progress with both parents and teachers making their own contributions and passing comments to each other.
  • Parent Consultation Evenings - These are held near the beginning of the Autumn term to discuss how your child is settling into the new school year and during the spring term to discuss progress.
  • School Reports - these go home in July and are a detailed report of specific curriculum areas.
  • School Noticeboards - situated next to the main entrance, where notices from school, PTA etc. can be posted.
  • The Friday Frisk - to ensure school letters do arrive, we only send them out  on a Friday and the majority go by email.
  • The weekly letters are put on the school website under the tab 'News' and lists any other letters which have been sent home that night.
  • The Termly Newsletter is produced by the children at the end of each term. A copy is sent home and it is also on this school website under the 'News' tab.

There are many opportunities where we would welcome parents into school to help such as reading, art activities, cooking or perhaps joining a class on a school visit. When arrangements are made for school visits, we occasionally ask parents to help with transport. To help on such visits, we ask parents to complete a questionnaire assuring us of their driving experience and of the safety of their vehicle. All children are covered by the school's insurance policy at the time of the visit. If you are willing to help in any way (subject to DBS clearance), please contact us in the school office.

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