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Home School Agreement

The Child agrees to:

- Work hard
- Listen carefully to instructions
- Try not to distract others, so they too can work hard
- Keep the class rules and behave well
- Be polite and helpful to other children and all adults
- Take good care of the school environment
- Tell the teacher or someone at home if I find my work difficult
- Read my books to someone at home
- Do my homework regularly and return it to school when asked
- Wear the correct school uniform
- Remember to bring the correct equipment for school
- Come to school and be on time
- Be proud of things I have done well

Ainderby Steeple School agrees to:

- Take reasonable steps to ensure the safety, happiness and self-confidence of all children
- Make parents welcome and work in close partnership with them
- Expect good behaviour
- Set children regular homework tasks including reading
- Contact parent/carers as soon as we become concerned about your child's behaviour or standard of work
- Get back to parents/carers as soon as possible when you contact us with a concern
- Inform children/parents/carers what is being taught each term
- Offer a carefully planned curriculum matched to the needs of children
- Inform parents/carers regularly as to how your child is progressing
- Encourage children to attend school regularly and punctually, contacting parents/carers if we are concerned about either of these
- Encourage children to do their best at all times

The Parent/Carer agrees to:

- Support the school in maintaining good behaviour and discipline, contacting school if there are any problems at home that may affect my child's work or behaviour
- Make school aware of any concerns regarding school, as soon as they arise
- Show an interest in my child's work by checking and signing the reading record or home/ school contact books and praising achievement
- Make sure my child arrives at school on time and is collected on time
- Make sure my child attends school regularly and inform the school of the reasons for any absence by 9.00am
- Endeavour to avoid taking my child on holiday in term time
- Read and reply to any school correspondence
- Attend 'Parent Teacher Consultation' evenings
- Make sure my child has the correct uniform and equipment
- Encourage my child to work hard, supporting them with their homework and listening to them read on a regular basis

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